• Stable detection on targets which was difficult to detect
    with conventional reflective sensors (dark, metal, transparent)
  • Excellent flexibility in sensor layout

LR-ZH can satisfy these requirements.

  • [Dark] Conventional: Return light is not sufficient., LR-ZH: The high power model reliably receives sufficient return light. Even for dark targets which reflects only a tiny portion of light, the LR-ZH ensures more than twice the detecting distance of conventional models. This means that the detection stability is even higher in short range applications.
  • [Metal] The angular characteristics for high-gloss metal targets have also been improved by more than twice those of conventional models. The target can be reliably detected from any angle.
  • [Max. detectable distance: 500 mm] Thanks to its high power, maximum detectable distance has reached 500mm. With conventional received light recognition sensors, the target sometimes could not be detected when the distance to the target was longer. LR-Z series enables stable detection even when it is mounted aslant or is installed far from the target. This feature allows to install the sensor without being bound by layout limitations.

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All basic detection abilities have been improved.
The LR-ZH provides solutions to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications and environments.

  • CMOS + Laser light source

  • 2-million times High Dynamic Range

    Laser light shines weakly when the target is bright. / Laser light shines brightly when the target is dark.

    This model makes use of the principle of triangulation and is equipped with a CMOS image sensor, which is formed with multiple light receiving elements, in the receiver. When the distance to the target changes, the peak position in the received light wave pattern on the CMOS image sensor also changes. Using this change, the laser sensor calculates the distance to the target.

  • Distinguishing a target from a background using the distance and received light

    New feature U.C.D. Function

    The sensor first registers the distance to the background and the received light, which are used as reference, and then detects the target by sensing that the distance or received light differs from the registered reference when a target comes into the detection area. With the background, stable detection of target is ensured even if the target is a complex shaped object, has changes in colour and surface condition, or is a thin object with a small height difference.

  • Transparent objects

    Background Tuning enables the change in received light to be monitored. The LR-ZH can detect transparent objects by sensing the change in received light from the registered background. Though it is a distance setting type model, its versatility allows the detection even of transparent objects if there is a background.

For more details,
download the catalogue.

Download the catalogue here.

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