Do you want any measurement ideas? / By our long time "direct sales" experience, we will promise you only KEYENCE can suggest the most suitable way for "your" factory style. For any kind of measurement projects and tasks, we would like to suggest the best solution, which includes device selecting and trainings, for you. In addition to getting our first hand information about measurement techniques after filling up this survey, stand a chance to win a wireless charging pad too. Don’t lose this opportunity, we are looking forward to your entry! / Simply fill in the following questions to be one of the lucky winners of the Wireless Charging Pad!

*Terms & Conditions:

  • - This offer is valid to those who complete the survey by 10th August, 2016.
  • - Valid to entry with a valid company address and business email.
  • - Limited to 1 gift per customer.
  • - Item color may vary.
  • - Please allow 4 - 6 weeks (after the end of survey) for delivery.
  • - 1 in every 2 participants is eligible for the gift, by the luckydraw conducted by our company.

*The survey is not applicable to those who have existing projects with our sales engineers.

Please let us know about your measurement projects.
Q1. Are you now (or maybe from the past) looking for a device or an instrument which could be used to measure things? (required)
Q2. What kind of task would be for that measurement? (required)
Q3. About your task, can the measurement device or instrument "touch" the target to measure? (required)
Q4. How are you now measuring that task? (required)
Q5. What would be the biggest reason for doing that measurement task? (Why do you need to do that?) (required)
From below, you don’t have to be 100% sure. The answer could be your companies approximate decision.
Q6. About this times task, how much do you have in your budget for preparing the measurement devices or instruments? (If you have several measurement parts, the budget for total of them)
Q7. What would be the necessary accuracy for the measurement device or instrument?

That’s all. Thank you very much!

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