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Survey on the Usage of Measurement Equipment

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We thank everyone for their applications.

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*Terms & conditions:
- This offer is valid to those that complete the survey by June 30, 2016.
- Every 1 in 5 participants with completed entry will receive a free gift.
- Limited to 1 gift per customer (while stock lasts).
- Gift will be mailed to given valid Company Address (please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery after end of survey).
- Colour of the gift may vary.
- KEYENCE retains the right of final decisions in all matters in relation to the survey.

1) Which of the following departments is the most relevant to you? *
For Question 2-9, please refer to the 4 equipment below,

  • a. Profile Projector

  • b. CNC Measurement
    Scope / CMM

  • c. Measuring Microscope

  • d. GS & T and
    Profile Measurement
2) Which equipment do you use for measurement? (Tick where applicable) *
3) I am the one who *
4) Frequency of operating the measurement equipment *
5) Size of the main parts to be measured normally
6) What are some of the common concerns you face? (Tick where applicable) *
7) Is there any plan to purchase a dimension measurement equipment? *
8) Introduce someone who is using/considering any of these equipment.


Email address:

Phone number:

9) The Instant Dimension Measurement system is known for its “Place and Press” functions. Combining 4 of the above equipment together, it can measure 99 points in 3 seconds. Would you like to try this out with your parts? *

The application period has ended.
We thank everyone for their applications.