• Vacuum Sensor 
    AP Series

    With 40+ years of providing sensors solutions in manufacturing, KEYENCE vacuum sensors are designed to empower any worker and meet every demand.

    For in-depth details and specifications, please download the Vacuum Sensors General Catalogue for free.

  • Explore the Vacuum Sensor Range 

    Get a free demonstration of our range of vacuum sensor at your company premise. Compatible with multiple network protocols.

  • Feature 1: Simplified Wiring 

    Only one cable is needed to connect and communicate with a PLC. Wiring management is less time confusing & much easier.

  • Feature 2: Reduced Downtime

    Easily predict when maintenance is needed and quickly identify error when occurs. This significantly reduces downtime. 

  • Feature 3: Centralised Management

    Sensor info can be consolidated automatically, making analysis and data-logging much simpler and error-free. 

  • Simplified Wiring

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Centralised Management

  • Batch Recalibration

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