• Vision Sensor
    OCR Applications

    Easy to use
    • 100% inspections are possible.
    • Anyone can operate the sensor easily.

    • Accurate detections without variations are possible.
    • Clear images with no distortion can be captured.

  • Just Outline to Identify Text

    There is no need to perform extraction (adjusting the character width and height), register a dictionary, or any other setting configurations required with conventional vision systems. 

    Just outline the text to identify it. Furthermore, stable reading is possible even if the conditions of the text’s shading, thickness, and size change.

  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment

    Brightness adjustment is completed with just the press of a button.  

    Fine adjustments requiring advanced imaging skills—such as adjustments to the gain and exposure time—are also automatically optimised.

  • First-In-Class, High-Speed, High-Accuracy Automatic Focus

    Focusing is also completed with just one button press.
    The specially developed automatic focus mechanism enables high-speed and high-accuracy focusing.

  • Flexible Installation Even in Narrow Locations

    This sensor can be installed anywhere with minimal space restrictions. There is no need to worry about the installation location even when installing the sensor in existing devices or when designing a new installation.


IV Series Vision Sensor Catalogue

IV Series Vision Sensor Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:5.16MB

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