• Light Curtain Series

  • Light Curtain Series             

    • Get armored protection with the strongest safety light curtain in the market.
    • Designed with structure that prevents damage by narrowing the exposed lens area.
    • Housed with an impact resistant casing and user-fabricated protective covers. 

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  • How to select a light curtain?

    There are 5 essential steps to select a suitable light curtain. Which are selecting the light curtain type, choosing the curtain length, then proceeding to the mounting bracket, cables and lastly the optional accessories. 

  • Light Curtain Feature 1: Strong 

    Build-in guarding and the narrowest exposed lens surface allow full protection against impact and resultant damage from parts or tools. Additionally, the light curtain series is protected from water and harsh environment. 

  • Light Curtain Feature 2: Smart

    Designed with "No Dead Zone", first beam is emitted 10mm from each end. This means no additional guarding or mounting is necessary. 

  • Light Curtain Feature 3: Simple

    The "One-Line System" design reduces the number of wires from usual 18 to only 5. This minimizes the risk of mis-wiring and allows easy installation. 

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