• Blue Laser Measurement 

    LJ-V7000 Series
    • Fast and accurate measurement using a blue laser
    • 3D imaging with additional image processing
    • All types of measurements are possible with one device

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  • Stable Non-Contact Measurement

    Get stable measurement regardless of the conditions of the surface such as coarse, fine, transparent or reflective targets. 

  • Ultra High Speed Sampling

    The LJ-V Series is the fastest 2D laser measuring instrument. It is now possible to measure parts moving at extremely high speeds. 

  • Blue Laser Optical System

    The Blue Laser Technology allows a very stabilized high-precision profile to be generated easily, even for targets that are typically difficult to detect.

  • Double Polarisation Function 

    Cancels off multiple reflection light that obstruct the measurement process. This function is especially helpful for complex shapes and complicated area for measurement. 

  • Pin Height Measurement

  • PCB Warpage Measurement

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