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    3 Different Series

    With 20+ years of providing barcode reader solutions in manufacturing, KEYENCE barcode readers are designed to empower any worker and meet every demand.

    For in-depth details and specifications, please download the Barcode Reader General Catalogue for free.

  • Explore the Barcode Reader Range 

    3 Types of readers with numerous models. They are Fixed Type Camera, Fixed Type Laser and Handheld type. Find out more. 

  • Feature 1: Autofocus

    With autofocus, you can mount your reader at any distance (1000mm max) and not worried about the focusing issue. 

  • Feature 2: Automatic Tuning

    Auto determine the optimum settings for exposure time and image processing filter etc. 

  • Feature 3: Automatic Polarisation 

    Glare can be eliminated immediately, so there's no need to adjust the reader angle or external lighting anymore. 

  • Reading multiple PCBs at once

  • Reading difficult codes

  • High-speed code reading

  • Reading codes on cast surface

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