• Automation with Vision 

    • Trouble selecting a system to start off your automation? 
    • Not getting the best results after trying out automation? 
    • Need more contrast in your image to extract defects and track features during automation? 
    • The New Multi Spectrum Vision System from KEYENCE automatically selects the optimal settings for your inspection!

    Download your free copy and get more information now. 
  • Why get only one light when you can have the whole spectrum for your automation? 

    The Multi Spectrum Vision System makes selecting hardware for camera inspection easier than ever. Simply select the best image for for your application. Colors include UV, Blue, Green, Amber, Red, Far Red, Infrared, and White. Now everyone can get the simplest automation solution instantly! 

    Find out more information from the general catalogue. 

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CV-X/XG-X Series Multi-Spectrum Vision System Catalogue

CV-X/XG-X Series Multi-Spectrum Vision System Catalogue
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