Special Arrangement Solve Application Easily Online or by Phone ! Don't worry if your facility has limited or no access for visitors! Contact KEYENCE for... Sample Testing Measurement and evaluation Application support and more!

As the environment changes quickly, we're finding new ways to help you find the solution you need. If you're working on a new or existing application, and you have limited capability of bringing visitors in - we're still here for you. We can even test parts/targets and run measurement verifications remotely!

Remote Support Overview

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Remote Support Consultation Topics

KEYENCE's wide range of products ensure that you can find what you need for your application.
To get started with remote application support/testing, either give us a call or email - or select from the categories below, let us know a bit about your application and your local expert will reach out!

Machine Vision System Inspection

KEYENCE evaluates targets using actual equipment and provides a report of the results according to the requested inspection details.

Measurement Sensors (1D / 2D / 3D)

Using a compact inline-ready measurement system, KEYENCE measures the target and provides a report of the evaluation results and inspection feasibility.

Part Marking Solutions

KEYENCE uses inkjet printers and laser markers to perform marking and processing of actual targets.

3D Surface Analysis

For up to nano-level accuracy requirement, KEYENCE conducts immediate evaluation with 3D profiling and roughness measurement.

Digital Microscope

With all customer requests in mind, KEYENCE determines the best microscope or measuring system for imaging and provides a report of the observation and analysis results.

Dimensional Measurement Machines

KEYENCE selects the best dimensional measurement system according to requests from the customer and provides a report of the measurement results.

Static Elimination (ESD)

To solve your electro static issues, KEYENCE offers evaluation service with static measurement, consultation for the best static eliminator (ionizer) selection, and for the ideal way to avoid static problem.

Photoelectric, Fibre, and Laser Sensing Solutions

Using multiple actual devices for testing, KEYENCE proposes the best sensor according to the target characteristics.

Code Reading (1D / 2D)

KEYENCE tests and suggests the best barcode reader which covers various environment from the manufacturing process to logistics area, with fix mount auto ID readers and handheld mobile computers.

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