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Overwhelming performance


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high-speed performance Uses our fastest processor and our proprietary algorithm

Motion control period 125 μs/5 axes FASTEST IN ITS CLASS

Equipped with a 1 GHz Dual core SoC for highspeed processing. Thanks to the high-speed MECHATROLINK-III and the KV VELOCE X3, an ASIC dedicated to high-speed ladder execution, high-speed, high-accuracy motion control is now possible.

Co-existence of improved responsiveness and reduced load on the CPU. Fully autonomous control INDUSTRY FIRST

Units are able to execute programs autonomously, allowing for highly responsive motor control. Furthermore, processing can be decentralised, allowing CPU load to become lighter for stable systemcontrol. * When using a unit program

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Synchronisation Synchronisation of everything ranging from PLC systems to servo amplifiers

Jitter of 1 μs or less HIGHEST CLASS IN THE INDUSTRY

By adjusting the start timing of unit internal cycles, synchronicity with less than 1 μs of variability between units is possible. This allows for higher accuracy with tracing control and other measurement-tracking functions.

Even the control periods in the servo amplifier is synchronised
Maximum 112 axes synchronisation BEST IN ITS CLASS

In addition to communication with the servo amp using inter unit synchronisation, this device offers synchronisation even for internal control periods. In addition, synchronisation and tracking is simpleeven with analogue and high-speed pulse input data changes.

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MECHATROLINK-III Ethernet-based, high-speed motion network

Open network MECHATROLINK-III compatible

With a physical layer that includes Ethernet technology, the SV2 Series is compatible with the MECHATROLINK-III high-speed motion network. Inaddition, the RJ45 connector allows for one-touch wiring which simplifies wiring even with multiple axes.

High affinity with the SV2 Series

SV2 Series monitoring of all axes can be performed via the PLC. There is no connecting or disconnecting of cables for debugging, and in the unlikely event of equipment failure, simply replace the servo amplifier to have the parameters applied automatically.

Connectable to MECHATROLINK-III-compatible devices

Connect to a variety of MECHATROLINK-III-compatible devices. KV-X MOTION offers flexible connectability to third-party servo amplifiers, I/O interfaces, inverters, and more, all with reduced wiring.
* Depending on the model, there are a limited number of connectable devices and functions.

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Programming Selectable from ladder, flow, and C language

  • Ladder Program

    Efficient programming through pick-and-choose selections

    Programs essential for positioning control, such as positioning start and origin return programs, can be automatically created using dragand-drop. In addition, with various unit-specific commands available, programming can be done efficiently without manuals.

  • Flow

    Intuitive programming due to flow execution

    Intuitively configure such operations as continuous operations and conditional branching using flow-based programming. This allows for reduced man-hours spent programming and debugging. In addition, because flow executions are performed inside the unit, control is not affected by scan time, allowing for high-speed control.

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KV-X MOTION Positioning and Motion Control System General Catalogue

KV-X MOTION Positioning and Motion Control System General Catalogue

  • [File type]PDF:5.58MB

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