BT-HD10(L) Update Procedure

<How to Update>

  • After the file is downloaded, decompress it and execute the "setup.exe" file in the folder.
    *BT-HD10(L) must already be installed on the PC.
  • After executing "setup.exe", proceed with the procedure until BT-HD10 is uninstalled.
    After BT-HD10 is uninstalled, execute "setup.exe" again to re-install BT-HD10.
    *Start uninstalling from "setup.exe".


  • Also pay attention to the following points when upgrading from Ver.1.50 or earlier to Ver.1.50 or later.
  • To update BT-Dev.Tool, uninstall the tool by "Add and delete programs" and then re-install from directory "installation folder\BT-Dev.Tool".
    (Note that, when BT-Dev.Tool is installed, the directory of the default installation folder is changed to "C:\Program Files\KEYENCE\BT\BT-HD10".)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime is required to run server applications that have been developed using VisualC++ 2010/2008/2005.
    When the VisualC++ 2005SP1 runtime library is not installed on the operating environment, download the "Microsoft Visual C++2005 SP1 redistributable package" from the Microsoft Download Center and install it.
  • Before starting the update, we recommend backing up the installation folder.