BT-H10W Update Procedure

<Update method>

  • After the file is downloaded, decompress it and execute the "setup.exe" file in the folder.
    *BT-H10W must already be installed on the PC.
  • After executing "setup.exe", proceed with the procedure until BT-H10W is uninstalled.
    After BT-H10W is uninstalled, execute "setup.exe" again to re-install BT-H10W.
    *Start uninstalling from "setup.exe".


  • Before starting the update, we recommend backing up the installation folder.

<Caution When Using BT Smart Browser>

Built-in byte codes (JSlib.jsb) and server-side JAVA (KeyenceServerApp.war) have been updated accompanying updates made to BT-H10W. When applications are developed using BT Application Builder, update to the latest version by the procedure below.

How to Update Built-in Byte Codes (JSlib.jsb)
Download the latest version of JSlib.jsb located at "installation folder\BT-H10W\Common\Jlib\Bytecode" to the BT Series terminal, and load this file from the system menu. For details, refer to the "BT Smart Browser Application Development Manual".

How to Update Server-side JAVA (KeyenceServerApp.war)
The latest version of JAVA is included as part of the "sample server environment for BT Smart Browser". Download the sample server environment from here, and copy KeyenceServerApp.war located on the desktop to the folder that is automatically created to overwrite the file with the same name.

How to Change the Password Used to Access the Database from a Web Server
Accompanying the necessity for a strong password in Windows Server 2008 R2, the password used to access the database from a web server must be changed. For details on how to change the password, refer to the "BT Smart Browser_Server Environment Building Procedure" included in the "sample server environment for BT Smart Browser".