Ethernet compatible Compact 2D Code Reader

SR-650 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Excellent Reading Capabilities/Easy to use Advanced Features

Built-in Image Filters Provide-Stable Reading

After being clearly recognised, the code is decoded through KEYENCE’s original image filters. This provides stable reading by improving poor printing and reducing noise factors.

Expansion Filter

Expansion Filter

Expands the printed portion of the code to make it more uniform for simple decoding.

Shrink Filter

Shrink Filter

Shrinks the printed portion of the code, making thick printed codes easier to read.

Close Processing

Close Processing

Combining both the expansion and shrink filters enables printed dots to be connected without changing the print thickness.

Parameter Bank & Alternate Function

Up to 16 parameter banks are available to store different code conditions. Even if difficult codes are mixed with ordinary codes on the same line, the SR-650 Series will automatically alternate between registered parameters until the proper reading conditions are found.

Automatically alternates 16 banks. Reads using the best conditions

On-Board Test Mode

Pressing the TEST button enables you to start various test modes.

TEST button

Reading rate measurement mode

Displays the reading success rate.

Tact measurement mode

Displays the time required for reading using a level display.

Code position measurement mode

Displays the displacement from the centre of the code reading area using a level display.

24 VDC Power Supply

Power can be supplied directly from a 24 VDC source. Simple connection to available power saves money on hardware and reduces manhours required for setup and integration.

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