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          Programmable Logic ControllerKV-7000 series


          EtherNet unit, 2 ports


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          Ethernet unit

          Connection interface

          RJ-45 8-position modular connector × 2 ports

          Transmission specification

          Transmission rate

          10BASE-T: 10 Mbps, 100BASE-TX: 100 Mbps,1000BASE-T :1,000 Mbps*1

          Transmission media

          10BASE-T: Category 3 or higher UTP or STP (STP is recommended)
          100BASE-TX: Category 5 or higher UTP or STP(STP is recommended)
          1000BASE-T: Category 5e or higher UTP or STP(double-shielded STP is recommended)*2

          Maximum cable length

          100 m*3

          Maximum number of connectable hubs

          10BASE-T: 4, 100BASE-TX: 2, 1000BASE-T: 1*4

          Connectable CPU units

          KV-7500 / 7300


          Automatic refresh, direct refresh, inter-unit synchronisation refresh

          Ethernet functions

          KV socket communication, PLC link, PROTOCOL STUDIO,
          FTP server / client, e-mail sending / receiving, KV sensor network,
          Modbus / TCP server*5, MC protocol / SLMP*6, etc.

          Industrial networks

          EtherNet / IPTM, PROFINET, EtherCAT*7, CC-Link IE Field*8*9

          Ethernet function execution methods

          Ladder program, unit program (flow)

          Unit program capacity

          3 MB (max. number of blocks: approx. 20,000)


          Maximum number of flows


          Number of simultaneous activities


          Internal data memory

          524,288 words


          Transmission method

          Cyclic communication: Tx + Rx, Tx only, Rx only
          Event communication: Tx + Rx, Tx only, Rx only, Tx + Continuous Rx

          Maximum number of connected devices


          Maximum number of communication commands

          160 / 320*10

          Maximum number of total frames

          Rx: 160 / 320*10 × 16 Tx: 160 / 320*10 × 1

          Maximum number of compared and receive frames

          16 per command

          Maximum number of block elements

          96 per frame

          Transmission data length

          Standard: 1 to 2,048 bytes per frame
          Extended: 1 to 16,384 bytes per frame

          Received data length

          PLC link

          Communication patterns

          Write, read, transfer

          Number of link settings

          512 settings max.*11

          Link data size

          1,440 words max. per setting (bit: 720 words, word: 720 words)
          737,280 words max. (total)(1,440 words × 512 settings)

          Data unit

          1 word

          Number of connected models

          16 models max.*11

          Number of connected units

          64 max.*11

          Trigger types

          Cyclic / event (64 settings max. for event*11)

          Update interval

          1 to 65,535 ms

          Internal current consumption

          200 mA or less


          Approx. 190 g

          *1 10 Mbps / 100 Mbps / 1,000 Mbps MDI / MDI-X automatic switching function supported
          *2 STP = Shielded twisted pair cable; UTP = Unshielded twisted pair cable
          *3 The maximum cable length refers to the distance between the KV-XLE02 and the Ethernet switch.
          *4 The maximum number is not limited when an Ethernet switch is used.
          *5 Modbus is a trademark or registered trademark of Schneider Electric.
          *6 SLMP is a registered trademark or trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
          *7 EtherCAT is fixed at 100 Mbps. Not usable at different transmission rates.
          *8 CC-Link IE Field is fixed at 1,000 Mbps. Not usable at different transmission rates.
          *9 Trademarks of each industrial network:
          - EtherNet/IPTM is a registered trademark or trademark of ODVA.
          - PROFINET is a registered trademark or trademark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V.
          - CC-Link IE Field is a registered trademark or trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
          *10 The max. is 160 when “Standard” is set for the number of communication commands on the Unit Editor and 320 when “Extended” is set.
          *11 Total for one KV-XLE02 unit.

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