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Newsletter 2022

March 14, 2022

Subject :

【New Model】Beyond High Accuracy - New LM Series

Simply Place and Press for Highly Accurate Measurements Like Those of a Measuring Microscope
The LM Series is an image dimension measurement system with the same high accuracy as a measuring microscope. Just place the target on the stage and press a button to carry out measurement.
Revolutionary Vision Systems with Ultra-high-resolution Cameras
KEYENCE’s ultra-high-resolution cameras are designed to meet the increasingly varied needs of users. These cameras offer more pixels and higher transfer speeds for solving various vision system problems.
Ionizers That Anyone Can Use Immediately
KEYENCE’s original technology makes it easy to determine the electrostatic charge of targets with functions for sensing the charge and generating alarm signals. Same-day shipping is available for this product, which can be used to implement static electricity countermeasures.
Providing Both Marking and Reading of 2D Codes
Reading and marking are both very important for the stable operation of 2D codes. KEYENCE products cover both operations, so we can provide total systems for 2D codes.
Introducing KEYENCE’s Ultra-compact Digital CMOS Laser Sensor
Introducing the three main characteristics of KEYENCE’s completely new digital CMOS laser sensor:
• Ultra-compact size for flexible installation
• Stable detection for any material or environment
• Easy, intuitive operation with no need for instruction manuals
Let's Learn the Ways to Select a Laser Marker
Laser marker types vary depending on the wavelength of light, and different types are optimized for marking and processing different materials. Check out this guidebook that summarizes the characteristics of the different types in an easy-to-understand manner.
Non-Contact Sheet and Steel Thickness Measurement for Reduced Manufacturing Costs
The CL-3000 displacement sensor offers simple, accurate inline measurements that can help improve yield rates and cost-effectiveness—two essential factors to consider as raw material cost increase.
To Everyone Unsatisfied with the Magnification of Their Microscope
• Increasing the magnification still doesn’t result in clear images.
• The current magnification is not quite enough.
Let KEYENCE’s VK-X3000 high-magnification laser microscope to solve these problems with 50x to 28800x observation.
Worried about Not Being Able to Troubleshoot Remotely?
The KV-8000’s machine operation recorder function and web conferencing system make solving problems even in remote areas easy. Read all about the latest advancements in remote maintenance.