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Newsletter 2021

December 06, 2021

Subject :

Helping Solve Dimension Inspection Personnel Shortages

Helping Solve Dimension Inspection Personnel Shortages
Do you find it hard to perform dimension inspection because you do not have enough skilled inspectors? With the IM-8000 Series, anyone can measure dimensions accurately.
Automotive Edition
This guide introduces various solutions in the automotive industry! Ensure confidence with KEYENCE laser sensors. Please take a look.
[Must-read] Things Learned From Inspections in the Automotive Industry
How have people quickly made inspection systems support further introductions of electronic technologies in the safety, communication, and environmental technology of automobiles? See this guide for know-how that is even useful in other industries.
Laser Marker Installation Examples in Various Industries
Browse various laser marker application examples organized by industry. Find tips and tricks for improving various processes in several different fields, including automotive, electronic device, food, and pharmaceutical industries.
Easily Output Code Reader Data to a PC
Would you like to use USB to easily enter the data of codes that have been read into a PC? Read about the SR-UR1, which allows this data to be transferred immediately, with no complicated setup.
Using Operation Recording to Reduce Debugging Time
Operation recordings capture unexpected operations and can be saved to a PLC for playback on a PC for troubleshooting later on. See how operation recording can help save time for a variety of tasks.
[New Product] Triple Principle Integrated 3D Laser Scanning Microscope
With three different scanning principles, this microscope can handle nanometer- and micrometer-level measurements. A wide range of measurements are supported, including high-accuracy profile and roughness measurements.
Key Points for Image Inspection in Manufacturing Processes—EV Motors
Learn about the key points for installing a vision system in the motor manufacturing process. The information in these examples shows how to achieve stable detection and can be applied to inspections in other processes.
A Tough Laser Sensor for Use in Any Environment
KEYENCE’s proprietary technology can perform stable detections even under severe conditions. The diverse lineup of sensor heads makes it possible to install sensors on virtually any pre-existing equipment.