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Newsletter 2021

November 22, 2021

Subject :

Learning from others on digital microscope applications

Using Digital Microscopes for EV (Electric Vehicles)
See how digital microscopes are being used in the development and quality control of important EV parts such as batteries, motors, inverters, and ECUs.
Your Solution to False Positives! Vision Sensor with Built-in AI
KEYENCE’s IV2 Series vision sensor offers superior resistance to ambient light, target differences, positioning, and other environmental factors. This easy-to-use, easy-to-configure sensor includes an automatic distinction function that uses built-in AI for advanced difference detection.
Reduce Costs by Preventing Defective Products
As raw material costs soar, reducing the number of defective products is becoming an effective way to reduce costs.
See how the IM-8000 Series increases measurement frequency for simplified dimensional measurements.
KEYENCE Traceability Solutions
Discover how KEYENCE can help create a reliable traceability system with code readers for stable reading and laser markers for marking applications.
Let's Learn the Ways to Select a Laser Marker
Laser marker types vary depending on the wavelength of light, and different types are optimized for marking and processing different materials. Check out this guidebook that summarizes the characteristics of the different types in an easy-to-understand manner.
[Must-read] Things Learned From Inspections in the Automotive Industry
How have people quickly made inspection systems support further introductions of electronic technologies in the safety, communication, and environmental technology of automobiles? See this guide for know-how that is even useful in other industries.
Key Points for Reducing Costs with a Vision System
Adopting a vision system can help reduce production costs. Browse application examples under six major themes, including quality, labor, and productivity.
Tips for Quick Creation of Ladder Programs
Introducing KEYENCE’s list of practical methods for reducing the time required for creating ladder programs. This guide includes actual examples to help you learn the ins and outs of ladder program creation.
Incredibly Stable Position-Based Sensor
The LR-T provides reliable detection with its position-based technology. Setup is simple and applications are versatile.