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Newsletter 2021

October 11, 2021

Subject :

Finally Nano Technology System That You Can Fully Make Use Of!

Nanometer, Micrometer, and Millimeter Measurements from a Single Microscope
With three different scanning principles, this microscope can handle a wide range of measurements, including nanometer- and micrometer-level roughness and shape analysis.
Connect to over 280 Types of Sensors with the KV Sensor Network
KEYENCE PLCs can be linked to a wide range of sensors, including differentiation sensors and displacement sensors. Take advantage of a wide variety of information from multiple sensors types to solve various problems.
The Definitive 2D Code Textbook!
Learn about the basics of 2D code marking with laser markers. This textbook contains useful information for actual applications, including tips for marking on metal and plastic.
Easy Alignment of Safety Light Curtain Beam Axes
KEYENCE uses highly visible laser lights to make aligning light curtain beam axes incredibly easy.
Visualize Static Electricity with a Handheld Static Electricity Measurement System
The SK Series not only quantifies static electricity but also makes the static electricity environment visible. This makes collecting data and determining the cause of static electricity problems easy.
Learning from the Electronic Devices Industry: Using Barcode Readers
Component-based traceability is quickly becoming an essential factor in the electronic devices industry. Learn about the industry’s best barcode readers and how they are used to ensure high-accuracy quality control and to evaluate the quality of codes.
Save Even More Time with Dimensional Inspections
Image dimension measurement systems are powerful instruments that enable quick dimensional inspections and significantly increase efficiency. Reduce the time spent on work and improve quality with a single system.
Inline Height Difference and Shape Measurements
Non-contact measurement guarantees that the target isn’t scratched, and misalignments are adjusted automatically. With instant measurement, the LJ-V7000 Series allows for inline 100% inspections that are fast and accurate.
Why People Choose KEYENCE for Image Inspection Needs — Food and Medicine Industries Edition
In the food and medicine industries, maintaining product quality is essential. See how KEYENCE vision systems are being used to solve various problems in each industry.