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Newsletter 2021

August 23, 2021

Subject :

What If You Can Get More Free Time With Gadgets

What Can Be Measured With The Latest Measurement System... ?
The New Image Dimension Measurement System differs from projectors and measuring microscopes in that there is no moving stage. Check the actual used case examples!
Tried To Measure The Depth Of Code Marking!
Laser marking is a common practice for traceability purposes and is used in many industries. This can be easily done with
the VHX-7000 series’ 3D imaging and measurement capabilities.
Proper Way To Measure Sub Micron Film Thickness
This document includes basic information on the principles of film thickness measurement and several film thickness measurement examples.
Neverbefore Seen Remote Maintenance
Many restrictions with remote maintenance. Cannot see the actual field, so can only guess where the trouble is. Communication lag makes it difficult to understand the situation correctly. Here's some ideas to realize!
Vision Sensor NEW ! Application Examples
Simply register an OK product and an NG product to automatically configure the optimal settings, is that possible? Yes possible, if it is a simple application.
Basic Laser Processing Guide
Laser processing is divided into three broad categories: removal, bonding, and modifi cation. If you want to know how permanent marking is done, this is one of the best guidebook.
Implementing On-site Visualisation with Greater Reliability
What is On-site visualisation? The on-site status can be understood, enabling traceability makes it possible to quickly respond. Check KEYENCE's seamless data collection methods.
If You Are Vision Expert, Top and Side Can Be Inspected Simultaneously
This topic is about vision techniques. Normally with a vision system, it is possible to see only the top surface. However, there is a way to see sides together.
15 Types of Measurement Tools Are Covered
"With all the different types of displacement sensors and measurement systems, it's difficult to make the right choice." This is what most customers say. If you agree this article helps.