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Newsletter 2021

July 12, 2021

Subject :

New Image Dimension Measurement System Products

New Image Dimension Measurement System Products
Measuring with the IM-8000 Series is as easy as placing the target and pressing a button, and recent improvements such as a 360-degree measurement function have drastically improved performance.
Stable Image Inspection For Large Targets
Hidden defects captured further in large field of view - Our trademark technology LumiTrax™ is improved with a new wide area light! Check out the specification.
Combine Network Support And Ease Of Use
One important criteria to choose a right sensor, is the network capability. KEYENCE offers communication units compatible with open field networks in use around the world. To build IoT-ready environment, check AP-N Series.
Bonding Area Temperature Monitoring
Conventionally, older wire bonding and die bonding machines use thermocouples for monitoring the temperature. Now it becomes possible to make non-contact temperature measurements and also can be sent to a PC via PLC in real time.