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Newsletter 2021

June 22, 2021

Subject :

Faster, More Accurate Measurements

Faster, More Accurate Dimensional Measurements
KEYENCE’s IM-8000 Series makes dimensional measurements significantly easier. Just place the sample and press the button to measure up to 300 locations automatically in just a few seconds.
[New Product] Nanometer, Micrometer, and Millimeter Measurements in One System
With three different scanning methods in one device, KEYENCE’s newest 3D surface profiler offers impressive measurement performance.
Laser Processing Basics: How to Improve Marking Quality
This guide contains basic knowledge about laser processing, including the different processing types. Learn how to improve marking quality with easy-to-understand illustrated examples.
Using Operation Recording to Reduce Debugging Time
Operation recordings capture unexpected operations and can be saved to a PLC for playback on a PC for troubleshooting later on. See how operation recording can help save time for a variety of tasks.