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Newsletter 2021

May 10, 2021

Subject :

Discover the New Method to Troubleshoot your Machine!

Using Operation Recording to Reduce Debugging Time
Operation recordings capture unexpected operations and can be saved to a PLC for playback on a PC for troubleshooting later on. See how operation recording can help save time for a variety of tasks.
Laser Marker Installation Examples for the Electronic Components Industry
As products become smaller, laser markers must meet the demand for more detailed, damage-free marking and processing. This collection features the latest examples of laser markers being used for a variety of products.
Increasing Machine Operating Rates with an Image Dimension Measurement System
Processing machine operation times directly affect production volume. Increase processing machine operation times with instant place-and-press measurement for a variety of applications with the IM-7000 Series.
Measurement Examples: Improving EV, PHEV, and Other Automobile Manufacturing
The AI-powered IV2 Series offers unprecedented detection stability. This collection of the latest application examples highlight how AI can significantly improve presence detection and differentiation.
Automation Recommendations for Logistics Sites
Logistics centers face a growing need for automation to meet increasing delivery volumes. Browse a collection of code reading automation examples from across the logistics industry.
Stable Detections Even of Metal Targets
Introducing a full-spectrum sensor that differentiates between targets according to color. This enables stable detection of targets that are difficult to detect with conventional models.
[New Product] Laser Microscope with White Light Interferometer
Introducing KEYENCE’s triple-scan microscope capable of nano-, micro-, and millimeter-level measurements in a single unit. Learn more about this impressive system!
[New Document] Super Versatile! Successful Examples Enabled by KEYENCE's Ultra-compact Coaxial Laser Displacement Sensor
Conventional non-contact laser displacement sensors may not be able to provide accurate measurement for some materials.
The CL-3000 Series, however, is a confocal displacement sensor that can be used with any material. See how the CL-3000 Series is being put to use in the field today.
Discover how Pattern Projection stabilizes difficult visual inspections
Automotive assembly inspections tend to be unstable due to the large number of similar-colored metal parts. Simultaneous 2D + 3D inspection solves the problems of conventional inspections.