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Newsletter 2021

April 16, 2021

Subject :

Guaranteed Measurement Accuracy of 0.1nm Linear Scale!

[New Product] Laser Microscope with White Light Interferometer
Introducing KEYENCE’s triple-scan microscope capable of nano-, micro-, and millimeter-level measurements in a single unit. Learn more about this impressive system!
A New Proposal: Robots × IoT
This is a new proposal for anyone who wants to visualize robots. Let KEYENCE bring you IoT solutions that are only possible with the KV thanks to its simple connection settings and compatibility with a wide range of networks.
Essential Equipment Stands for Installing Laser Markers
During the laser marking process, choosing the right stand for the products is absolutely essential. Read more for a list of stand types categorized by application.
Compact Protection for Machine Safety
Ever had trouble with size? The innovative design of the GL-S Series is your solution.
- Slim & Flat
- Simplest Wiring
- Large Indicators
A New Contact Sensor That Won’t Break the Bank
Most people think contact sensors easily damage targets and cannot be used for measuring moving targets. In addition to completely defying this image, KEYENCE sensors can also help reduce costs.
Basic Practices of Code Verification
Verification and management of marking quality eliminate the need to worry about individual specifications. Learn how to avoid serious situations such as line delays, repeated markings, and product disposal.
Measurement System That Shares Measurement Conditions and Procedures
The IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement Systems allows anyone to perform measurements easily and to repeat measurements under the same conditions. Measurement procedures can be shared across departments, locations, and organizations.
[Must-read] Things Learned From Inspections in the Automotive Industry
How have people quickly made inspection systems support further introductions of electronic technologies in the safety, communication, and environmental technology of automobiles? See this guide for know-how that is even useful in other industries.
Vision Systems — Preserving the Quality of Hygiene Products and Pharmaceuticals
Vision systems can help manufacturers meet today’s increased demand for masks and other hygiene products. See how KEYENCE systems are being used to maintain and improve quality in various automated worksites.