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Newsletter 2021

January 25, 2021

Subject :

Automation Equipment that are more than meets the eye!

PLC functions that are more than meets the eye!
PLC is not just used for Data-Logging. It can be utilized for Failure Analysis, Changeover, Device Comments and much more. Get this informative Technical Guide for a better understanding to advance into a more efficient and effective productivity!
2D Code Marking for Traceability
While demands for smaller and thinner products and more detailed traceability continue to grow, there are increasing needs to pack more information within a limited space on manufactured products. With the 3D Marking Function in MD-X Series, marking can be created with clear contrast between black and white, resulting in higher grades.
"Just install and go!" Code Reader
The latest Code Reader, SR-2000 Series provides you with an ultra-wide field of view, a greater depth of field at longer ranges, faster speed to read objects on the move, and the calibration is fully automatic. Get this catalogue for a more detailed information and be more efficient now!
A New Concept in Non-Contact Measurement
The switch to non-contact measurement systems instantly resolves conventional issues, like human measuring errors, lengthy inspection cycle time and more. In this booklet, we will explain the issues with conventional approaches and the advantages in switching to non-contact measurement.
New Generation of Microscopes
Digital Microscope has evolved to be equipped with the latest lighting observation function, The Optical Shadow Effect Mode (OPTSEM), where even subtle irregularities can be observed clearly! Check it out in this Technical Guide.
New Generation of Sensor with Camera
Now you can sense and detection with a sensor that covers an area instead of the conventional type that covers only a point! Download this informative Technical Guide to learn how this new generation of sensor can do wonders for you.
Making Impossible Inspections Possible with Multi-Spectrum Light!
When using a vision system to perform presence/ absence and appearance inspections, have you ever experienced any unstable and uncertain inspections? This guide contains various examples of unconventional problems being solved by using Multi-Spectrum lighting.
A 5 minute measurement job can be done in 5 seconds!
The IM Series image dimension measurement system is a completely innovative measuring instrument that completes dimension measurement instantly by just a “place-and-press” operation. This brochure contains answers to the questions from our customers who are considering the introduction of the dimension measurement system. Download to find out more!
For production site demands in the 5G era
The proliferation of high-speed, high-capacity communication has brought about new services and increased the pace of market change, especially in the 5G era. This booklet shows how KEYENCE’s sensors can help solve various problems in the manufacturing processes of electronic devices.