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          Newsletter 2020

          December 28, 2020

          Subject :

          Perform Observation, Measurement and Analysis on Any Material

          Profile, Roughness, and Film Thickness on Any Material
          This Guide Book will shows you some application examples how the 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope can perform Observation, Measurement and Analysis all in one system, as compared to conventional systems, like Optical Microscope, SEM, Profilometer and Interferometers.
          Wide Area LumiTrax™ Light
          A new LumiTrax™ Light that will provide you with a larger coverage of up to 400mm. Now you can enjoy the same incredible technology of LumiTrax™ with your larger products too! There are variety of light sizes to meet almost any of your application need, and expand your inspection capability.
          Touch Panel Display with Advanced Graphics and Usability
          In the market, both large and small equipment have different needs. Large equipment has complex functionality, while small equipment needs ample display areas.
          The NEW VT5 Series purses perfection for both. Download this catalogue to find out more!
          Laser Marking Application Examples
          The demand for Laser Marking Applications are growing in the market. Laser marking and laser processing play an important role in many manufacturing process, from managing
          part traceability to improving part quality. Download this Guide to learn the different type of marking purposes in the automotive industry.
          A new detection principle completely free of tracking errors
          A slim pencil type high-accuracy digital contact sensor that connect to anything, anywhere.
          This sensor is able to achieve a high accuracy of 1µm, with a tough & rugged construction body that is able to connect to a wide variety of devices. Moreover this innovative system was created based on KEYENCE’s newly developed technology. Download now!
          Self-Contained Sensor that Detects any type of Applications
          Are you facing issues with your conventional sensors, like Targets with Slight Color Changes, Metal Targets, and Tilted Targets? Download this catalogue to benefit the revolutionary technology to solve such issues.
          The Next Evolution in Distribution Automation
          The latest SR-2000 Series Code Reader is able to reduces man-hours spent re-reading codes, and provide more efficient sorting with less time spent breaking down stacks, greater efficiency. Therefore it will provide better throughput with fewer errors and line stoppages, and completely hands-free, leading to better performance.
          High-Precision Measurement On Any Material or Surface
          Get this Application Suite to see how the latest
          CL-3000 Series Ultra-Compact Coaxial Laser Displacement Sensor can do for High-Precision Online Measurement regardless of your product material and surface, with a linearity of up to ±0.41µm.
          Time-Saving Dictionary for Dimensional Measurement
          We have created this simple dictionary to offer a solution to any dimensional measurement problem. Get it now and learn how
          the IM-7000 Series Measurement System can help you to save time, remove human-errors, and perform professional measurement even by untrained operators.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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