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          Newsletter 2020

          November 30, 2020

          Subject :

          Fully Automatic Dimensional Measurement Results can be Consistent too!

          Fully Automatic Dimensional Measurement System
          Amazing features to benefits your process and you with consistency.

          • Place-&-press measure in just 3 seconds
          • Automatic data management
          • Easy to use even for inexperienced operators
          • On-site reliability and performance
          • Global support for international reliability
          Achieving Higher Productivity in your Marking Process
          As laser marking has become more prevalent in manufacturing environments, the need to integrate these lasers using common communication protocols has arisen. This document describes the unique functions that are possible with this laser marker, together with case studies of its use.
          Tips for Shortening PLC Debugging Time
          3 Methods to Debug your PLC Faster by the Seconds!

          • Shorten time via visualization of
          high-speed signals
          • Shorten time via high-efficiency
          • Shorten time using simulators
          The Global Standard for Vision-Guided Robotics!
          Just 4 Key Points to Achieve the Global Standard for your Vision-Guided Robotics Solutions!

          • Simple Interface with Step-by-Step Guides
          • Direct Connections with Major Brands of Robot
          • Auto-Calibration with a Single Click
          • Highly Stable and Powerful Search Tool
          Advantages of Laser Microscopes & Comparative Analysis
          KEYENCE AI-Analyzer revolutionizes the way that surface testing is performed and greatly improves production efficiency by automatically differentiating 3D Surfaces. This Guide will shows you the advantages as compared with conventional Profile Measurement & Microscope Equipment too.
          The Intelligent Solution to Your Sensing Problems
          This Guide introduces Sensors to solve a wide variety of Applications with a wide range of Detection Options, including contact-type, laser, ultrasonic, and temperature sensors, which provide Solutions to a range of Manufacturing Issues, from Simple Sorting Applications to Difficult Detection Tasks.
          How to Select Measurement Equipment
          This Guide will shows you the available Measurement Equipment Options and how to choose the appropriate Measurement Equipment for your Applications. There are Applications Examples that will benefits You as compared to Conventional Methods.
          KAIZEN Case Studies for Code Reader
          The SR-2000 Series KAIZEN Case Studies Guide Set will shows you different scenario that you can Improve your Quality, Reduce your Cost and Shorten your Delivery Timeframe, because
          the SR-2000 Series is capable of having,

          • Ultra-Wide Field of View
          • Code Verification Function
          • Automatic Polarization Control Function
          Facts about Self-Contained Laser Sensor
          With KEYENCE Distance-based Reflective Sensors, you can stably detect even the most difficult targets that is not possible with Ordinary Reflective Sensors, like...

          • Shiny Targets
          • Black Targets
          • Round Targets
          • Liquid Level Targets
          • Multi-Color Targets

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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