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Newsletter 2020

October 26, 2020

Subject :

NEW Laser Marker with Useful Diagnostic Tools

[New Product] A New Laser Marker with Status Monitoring!
This product monitors the status of various items—such as laser power and lens flaws—related to predictive maintenance. It is also equipped with useful diagnostic tools for troubleshooting, helping you to prepare for the worst.
A Non-contact, 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
There is a growing need for measurements with even higher accuracy now. Capable of observing the entire sample and performing 3D observation of detailed shapes, the VK-X Series Laser Microscope can meet this need in a non-destructive manner up to nano-level measurement.
Compact Protection for Machine Safety
Ever had trouble with size? The innovative design of the GL-S Series is your solution.
- Slim & Flat
- Simplest Wiring
- Large Indicators
Learn from the Automotive Industry! Barcode Reader Application Methods
Much importance is placed on prevention of defects and efficiency of work in the automotive industry. This guide introduces the optimal barcode reader application methods for this industry in which more and more parts are subject to traceability as time goes by.
[New Product] Tips and Tricks for Increasing Detection Accuracy with 2D Image Processing
This product makes stable inspection possible by adding height data to 2D inspections. This guide introduces a new inspection method that executes 2D and 3D image processing at the same time.
A Measurement System That Helps Reduce Costs While Increasing New Orders and Profits
With the IM Series, just place and press for instant measurements. This product reduces costs by decreasing the labor required and leads to new orders by improving quality and reliability.
To Anyone Who Finds Laser Displacement Sensor Settings a Hassle
The CL-3000 uses an ultra-high brightness multi-color LPD light source that achieves high-precision measurement over a wide area. There is no longer any need to change the way you configure settings to match different materials such as those that are transparent, have mirror surfaces, or are rubber. High-precision measurement can be performed with simple installation.
User-Friendly Positioning Control for High-Speed Performance and Synchronization
KV-X MOTION offers everything from positioning of only a few axes to large-scale motion control in a single unit. Take advantage of unparalleled processing power and selectable programming methods for improved positioning efficiency.
Eliminate Static over a Wide Area with KEYENCE Ionizers
KEYENCE’s SJ-H Series bar-type ionizers provide maximum static elimination for virtually any environment. See how static electricity is easily eliminated even over long distances and wide areas.