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Newsletter 2020

October 19, 2020

Subject :

Why Laser Microscope?

A Collection of Examples
A lot have been asking 'Why do I need a laser microscope". Especially when you may already own a SEM or roughness gauge. Take a look at this collection that compares laser microscope with other instrument.
Pattern Projection Lighting
Take a look at this pattern projection lighting that has been receiving numerous complements from our customers. With this lighting, you can see 2D and 3D pattern all in once!
Faster by Seconds!
For programming, every second matters a lot. Even when it mean slower by just 1 second, it can have a huge impact on the whole program. Take a look at how to faster this process with this guide.
Static Simple Guide Leaflet
Here are 2 simple leaflet on how to protect yourself from static and prevent any damage from static. Take a look today.
Marking Q&A Full Set
It's not easy to do laser engraving/marking. There are be a lot small details we need to take note to make sure the quality. Find out some of the common questions asked and answered in this 100 Q&A Set.
4 in 1 Microscope
This 4 in 1 Digital Microscope has amazed many with it's advanced features. Have you taken a look before? Otherwise, browse this short brochure on the summary today!
Reader in Food, Cosmetic or Pharma Industry
Traceability process is highly necessary in food, cosmetic and pharma industry. Especially when there's a product recall or quality checking. Find out how to simplify this traceability implementation process.
3 Top Issues in Dimension Measurement
The top 3 issues in doing dimension measurement are usually positioning problem, skill level or focusing trouble. Find out how IM-7500 Series solves all these easily.
Technical Guide on Laser Measurement
Keen to know more about laser measurement? Here is a technical guide on the principles behind each type of laser measurement, get one for your future reference too.