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Newsletter 2020

October 05, 2020

Subject :

New Laser Marker in the Market!

[New Product] Next-gen Laser Marker with No Focus Shifting or Position Shifting
Take advantage of a new function for automatic correction of focal distance and marking position deviations, the main cause of marking errors. This ensures reliable, stable marking on any product.
1 PLC to 170 Over Sensors
Now you can simply just use 1 PLC and get connected to over 170 types of KEYENCE sensors without any trouble. This ease the process on visualization or preventive maintenance. Take a look.
Doing Thickness or Width Measurement?
If you are, take a look at this article that provide the process on how to determine the best method to measure, as well as which feature is necessary for the process.
How IM Helped to Reduce Scrap
Learn how implementing a good measurement system has helped many companies in reducing their scrap and waste over the years. This indirectly also helps to reduce cost and improve profit.
Benefits of Handheld Mobile Computers
Take a look at how many industries such as retail, manufacturing or logistics make full use of handheld mobile computers and improve their inventory systems drastically. Refer to some actual case studies inside.
Vision-Guided Robot Solutions
Certain systems have been trying to integrate robots together to speed up the process. Usually, vision will be involved to make the whole system more seamless. Take a look at some examples inside on how Vision helps with robot solutions.
Justification Manual for Microscope
We understand that purchasing a microscope is a long process considering the amount of budget we need to put in. Our headquarter prepared a justification process manual on how to make the purchasing process easier, feel free to keep a copy for reference.
Best Way to Utilize Fibre Sensors
Find out the ways to fully utilize fibre sensors as well as the countermeasures on the common issues. Share this copy with your peers too!
12 Commonly Asked Questions about Surface Roughness
Check out the 12 top questions asked about surface roughness and what are the solution to each of them. Try it out if you happen to be doing surface roughness too!