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Newsletter 2020

June 15, 2020

Subject :

Get a PLC with CCTV

In the past, we used to take longer time to find out the root cause when there's breakdown in the production line. Now with a small CCTV that auto records and replays during the problem solves this issue completely. Take a look.
Add Value using Code Reader?
How do we add value when we spend $$ on code readers? Find out the real case studies in 3 different industries: Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic.
Measurement in Machining
Take a short tour on understanding the requirement and methods to do measurement in machining industry today.
Traceability in Electronic Industry
Traceability is inevitable in all industries now. Find out how marking/engraving is usually done in the electronic industry and ways to ensure the quality and safety.
Tips on Selecting Measurement Device
Here is the complete master guide on the tips to select measurement device based on applications and cost. Take a look if you want to have some additional references.
Squeezing 4 Devices into 1
After researching on the advantages on 4 different types of microscopes, we combined them and make into 1 system for easy usage. Take a look at this digital microscope today.
Food and Pharma Sensor Usage
If you are in the food or pharma industry, here is a general guide with pictures on the usual sensor usage in this industry. Take a look.
Vision Training and Support
KEYENCE Vision Team provides training and support in different forms. Find out what kind of services we have put in place for you.
12 Questions on Surface Roughness
Here are the common 12 questions about surface roughness. If you are in keen in this topic, find out the interesting findings after some interviews with the experts.