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Newsletter 2020

May 18, 2020

Subject :

Sensor with The Highest TERA Power

Highest TERA Power
Witness the highest TERA power of a fibre-optic sensor today. Paired together with the well-loved OLED display and active receiver, the sensor has helped many customers to solve all the troubles in installation and maintenance. Take a look.
Spot the Green and Orange Colors
The SJ-LF Series is able to let you visualise the presence of static. When you see green, it means it is static free, while orange means you are facing static problem. It is also super tiny to make installation easy. Find out more.
Traceability in Electronic Industry
Find out some of the common processes in the electronic industry that requires traceability. Laser marker is usually one of the tools to achieve this process. Get to know the benefits of using one.
The Latest Code Reader Today
In terms of reading speed, field of view and reading distance, no reader can compare to the latest SR-2000 Series. This newly launched reader is now available for sales, explore more today.
Another Level of 2D Imaging
Have you seen our new Pattern Projection Lighting? It enables 2D and 3D inspection simultaneously. It is simple to use and extremely robust, suitable for any environment.
Plating Industry Using Microscope
Find out some of the real case studies of microscope observation in the plating industry. Get also ideas on how to improve on the quality today.
PLC Troubleshooting Case Studies
Here are some of the case studies you can take reference on how the new PLC uses the MORF Function to make troubleshooting an ease.
Measurement in the e-Vehicles Industry
Find out what the e-Vehicle industry does for measurement, and the extent of effort they put in to ensure the safety.
All the Things about Dimension Measurement
Here is a master guide for reference for dimension measurement, many customers around the world has used this for training and self-reference. Get a copy for yourself today.