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Newsletter 2020

April 20, 2020

Subject :

Added Value Via 3 Ways

3 Ways to Add Value - New Code Reader
The new SR-2000 aims to bring values to you through 3 ways.
1) reduce cycle time
2) increase productivity
3) reduce equipment cost

Find out how it can be done easily
Using Simple Vision Sensor for Detection
Contemplating to do simple visual detection that does not cost a lot? Take a look at the IV Vision Sensor that allows you to get 100% inspection and accurate detection. Find out more.
"Place and Press" Operation
Using this "Place and Press" operation, it is not possible for anyone to measurement quickly and accurately. Resulting in higher productivity, yield rate as well as a clean and manageable database. Take a look now.
Intuitive Programming Techniques
Take a look at these interesting techniques for PLC calculation/character string handling. It's a fusion of ladder and script.
Instantly Resolves Conventional Measurement Issues
Using micrometer, calipers or contact type sensors? Now it is possible to solve lengthy cycle time or the need of maintenance with the use of the new confocal displacement concept. Take a look.
Pattern Projecting Lighting
Improved stability with the addition of pattern projection lighting is achievable now. With the new pattern projecting lighting, you can get simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection. Find out more how this can be done.
Mechanical Marking VS Laser Marking
In the metal industry, mechanical marking methods such as pressing, stamping or etching used to be common. Now, laser marking is catching up. Find out the reasons.
10 New Standards for Microscope
Are you a microscope user? Find out the top 10 new standards people are requesting to have for their microscope today.
Surface Roughness Evaluation
If you are doing surface roughness measurement, take a look at this simple reference guide for additional guidance.