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Newsletter 2020

March 16, 2020

Subject :

Don't Miss Out: The New Image Capture Method

[New Product] The Newest Vision System
A vision system that uses a brand-new image capturing method has been officially launched! Contour capture mode ensures stable detection of low-contrast and translucent targets. Stability is greater than ever, take a look today.
Fiberoptic Sensors with Amazing Reliability
Perform detections reliably in any situation. Using incredible TERA Power, organic LED display and indicator installed on the fiber unit, the FS-N40 Series transcended many amplifiers and finally reached the top rank.
55 Ways Eliminators Are Solving Problems
Static electricity can pose a wide variety of problems—from adhesion of foreign particles and targets sticking together, to clogged production lines and reduced operability. Find out ways to solve them.
Improvement Examples with Code Readers
Take advantage of tips for reducing labor and improving efficiency in transportation industry processes. Find out from these actual real-life examples.
Increase Evaluations of Prototype Measurements
It is desirable to measure as many samples as possible when evaluating the dimensions of prototypes, but this takes a long time, making measurement difficult. With KEYENCE’s IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System, instant measurement of up to 99 dimensions is possible. The system is also capable of measuring up to 100 samples at once.
Tracebility - Leave a Laser Mark
Marking, reading, and data management. This guidebook not only contains information on these topics pertaining to laser marking but also includes details on the peripheral equipment necessary to perform traceability.
Non-contact Sheet/Steel Material Thickness Measurement!
The CL-3000 Series, which can be installed easily and can perform measurements with high accuracy, eliminates human error and the inability to perform 100% management, common bottlenecks in processes using conventional measurement systems. It also solves the problems of profile measurement of subtle thicknesses and initial costs, bottlenecks in processes using beta ray/x ray measurement methods.
A Must-read for Anyone Considering a Microscope!
In recent years, companies have steadily begun moving away from optical microscopes and updating to digital microscopes. See why companies all over the world are looking to digital microscopes to solve their measurement problems.
How to Speed Up Your PLC
Through five different applications, this guide introduces you the methods for intuitive programming which can solve frustrating calculations and character string handling. Download this collection of techniques and speed up your PLC programming today!