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          Newsletter 2019

          December 16, 2019

          Subject :

          What You Can Get Within Infrared Range

          The 3 Series of Marking Equipment
          Within the infrared range, you will get 3 options for your marking/engraving process. Each option is suitable for certain material and processes, find out the details and most popular features of each type from this latest edition.
          Touch Panel for Fast Monitoring
          Take full advantage of the display area of our touch panel now. With 16 million colors and XGA high resolution, both best-in-class so far, you will get the fastest and most reliable operation for monitoring. Find out more.
          Air, Water, Oil Pressure
          A compact and durable sensor body allows us to detect any fluids stably. The compact design is almost 2/3 the size of conventional method. See more in this brief summary.
          Guide Your Robots with A Pair of Eyes
          As a globalized standard, a vision-guided robot should have auto-calibration and direct connections. Having a wide compatibility with a variety of robot manufacturer ease this entire process, find out which are the included manufacturers.
          More Lens for Your Microscope?
          Have a microscope and thinking to explore the different functions you can get from different types of lens? Here's the whole range available in the market, find out more today.
          See the Whole Range of Code Readers
          Explore this catalog to learn about the range of code readers, which combines many application examples of the performance and reliability.
          No More Tedious Measurement Reporting Process
          In the past, we need to manually jot down the measurement values for reporting. Sometimes we take photo to make a record too. Now, there's no need to do such tedious process. Simply press a button and all your measurement values will be exported instantly. Find out more details in this article.
          Measure with High Speed and Precision
          This guide illustrates how the 2D optical micrometer can achieve measurements with high accuracy and precision with application examples.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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