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          Newsletter 2019

          November 25, 2019

          Subject :

          Not 1, Not 2, But 100 Dimensions Together

          Up to 100 Dimensions Instantaneously
          With the 300 mm × 200 mm stage, just place and press to measure up to 100 dimensions. There is no need to worry about the orientation or position of placed targets.
          [New Product] New Generation of Digital Microscope!
          KEYENCE promises you an experience you have not had with any other digital microscope. We hope you will try it out and see its detailed images that boast best-in-class high resolution, and experience its advanced operability that enables anyone to capture the optimal image.
          Why is the Automotive Industry Using Vision Sensors?
          Recently, the types of checks being performed during multi-product manufacturing have increased, including product type difference checks, direction difference checks, and text detection. Understand today how vision sensors help in these processes.
          Fiberoptic Sensors - Improved Reliability
          Perform detections reliably in any situation. Using incredible TERA Power, Built-in organic LED display and indicator installed on the fiber unit, the FS-N40 Series transcend many amplifiers and finally reached the top rank.
          A Next-generation Ethernet System for IoT
          Instantly connect to a wide variety of devices including PLCs, sensors, and robots made by other manufacturers! This guide introduces a next-generation Ethernet system using the KV-7000 Series and the KV-XLE02.
          Durability in a Micrometer
          Download this guide to learn about how digital micrometer can assist to achieve faster and accurate measurements with the following characteristics:
          ·High-accuracy in the field
          ·Long life in the field
          ·Easy operation in the field
          Kaizen in Code Readers
          This collection of barcode reader applications contains hints that will help you to obtain greater efficiency and labor savings at your worksites. This edition specially focuses on electronic devices.
          Why a Pair of Eyes for Robots?
          With the goals of reducing labor requirements in production, the use of industrial robots is rapidly increasing all over the world. These guides introduce two reasons why people are implementing Vision in their Robots.
          Application Guide for Laser Marking on Medical Devices
          Traceability marking on medical devices such as scalpels, syringes, and catheters requires improved chromogenic properties and low product damage. sThis guide uses installation examples to explain the advantages of laser marking.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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