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          Newsletter 2019

          October 14, 2019

          Subject :

          Leave a Mark to Trace Now

          Tracebility - Leave a Laser Mark
          Marking, reading, and data management. This guidebook not only contains information on these topics pertaining to laser marking but also includes details on the peripheral equipment necessary to perform traceability.
          Installing Microscopes Improved Our Profits! [Customer Testimonial]
          This guide uses detailed examples to introduce the advantages that our customers have enjoyed as a result of installing microscopes.
          The Standards for Safety Light Curtain is Getting Higher
          Using door switch or area sensor now to ensure safety? Take a look at how safety light curtain is able to replace and provide much more safety features. In the long run, it also saves your cost.
          Practical Ways to Utilise 2D Codes
          Check out some of the basic practice of 2D Codes, one of the most popular barcode-related material from KEYENCE!
          Why A Pair of Eyes for Robots?
          With the goals of reducing labor requirements in production, the use of industrial robots is rapidly increasing all over the world. These guides introduce two reasons why people are implementing Vision in their Robots.
          [New!] Measurement Done without Requiring a Program
          Even without writing a program, you can use the Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series to automatically identify measurement points and measure targets up to 300 mm in size. Download the catalog and contact us if you are interested.
          Why Does Slanting Matter?
          The best device to perform height difference measurements tends to be non-contact and fast. Not only that, having a slant adjustment function will make everything simpler too. Find out why.
          [New!] A PLC With Machine Operation Recorder Function
          Our new PLC KV-8000 Series allows automatic recording of all the data from the devices, cameras, events, and equipment. Everything before and after equipment problems occur is recorded, which greatly reduces the man-hours required for solving problems. Don't miss out!
          Visible Ionizer Effects Give Peace of Mind
          Does it bother you that you have no way to check whether an ionizer is having the intended effect? With KEYENCE's new ionizer, the static electricity elimination effect can be checked at a glance, reducing problems both on startup and during operation.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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