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          Newsletter 2019

          July 08, 2019

          Subject :

          Laser Sensor That is Not Afraid of Harsh Environment

          Countermeasures for Sensor Problems
          Would you like to improve your worksite with an environment-resistant laser sensor that can handle a wide variety of detections such as target height, run-out, positioning, thickness, and flatness? Take a look now.
          The Guide on "Basic Practice of 2D Codes"
          We would like to introduce one of the most popular barcode-related guide, the "Basic Practice of 2D Codes". Enjoy the read and get some new ideas!
          To Anyone Who Wants to Perform In-process Dimension Inspections
          If you want to easily measure products during mass-production at the manufacturing worksite, we have the perfect measurement system for you. Just place the target on the stage and press a button to measure dimensions instantaneously.
          A Laser Marker That Ensures Safety
          This guide contains information on the latest safety standards and measures for laser markers, which have been attracting a lot of interest in recent years. This is a must-read for anyone who uses laser markers.
          Measurement Systems Using Laser Profiling
          This guide introduces the reasons why we should use Laser Profile Measurement Systems for applications such as dimension measurements and appearance inspections. Check it out now!
          New Vision System with All-in-one Illumination
          The combination of illumination using LEDs in eight colors and KEYENCE's new algorithm enables reliable detections of the slightest target variations regardless of color, appearance, gloss, or variety.
          The VT5 Series, KEYENCE's Innovative Touch Panel
          ·Impressive graphics
          ·The speaking function that everyone is talking about
          ·Over 200 types of sensor monitor functions

          See this guide for information on how the VT5 Series can improve your manufacturing worksite.
          Learning from Other Industries, QCD Improvement Strategies
          This is the definitive edition of QCD improvement strategies grouped by industry. It uses actual examples to introduce the various advantages that can be obtained by improving efficiency in magnified observation, testing, and analysis processes. Check out this guide to learn more.
          The Standard for Safety Light Curtain is Getting Higher
          Simply speaking, your light curtain should at least be
          1. Highly durable and resistant to impacts in spite of its compact size
          2. High-powered and resistant to dirt, for use in harsh environments
          3. Easy optical-axis alignment with setup software and laser alignment tool

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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