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          Newsletter 2019

          June 17, 2019

          Subject :

          Unite Laser & White Light Together

          Unite Laser and White Light Source
          This laser scanning microscope combines 2 light sources, a laser source and a white light source, enabling everyone to construct fully-focused color or laser images with accurate height information.
          It's So Tiny Now, What Can It Do?
          The CL-3000 Series has a new look, it's much smaller now and you may doubt the capability due to its size. But on the contrary, the accuracy and speed got even better than before. Find out the technology behind it.
          How Do We Start Traceability?
          Traceability process basically comprises of marking and reading. And a slow down in any of the process will cause a delay. Find out how to achieve a good marking operation to ensure smooth traceability operation.
          Picture Illustrations on Laser Sensor
          3 main issues we face from using a sensor: not stable because targets have various colors, not accurate because targets are round or uneven, or even malfunction because targets are shiny. See these pictures and find out how these can be solved.
          Best Full In-line Inspection
          A vision system with a maximum of 21 megapixels makes it possible to inspect foreign matter and scratches as small as 0.037mm. For difficult applications, you may try out advanced camera to solve them. See the full range here.
          Super Powerful Safety Light Curtain
          These safety light curtains are designed to give you global safety standards. What's more important than providing a safe environment for your employees?
          Complete Understanding of the IM Series
          The IM Series was introduced to help company in saving time for measurement. Understand the technology behind this and how it can benefit you in this article. Free demo is available anytime for you.
          Make Your Robot A Guided One Now
          Are you currently using any robots? In this leaflet contains 17 brands of robots that can communicate directly to KEYENCE Vision, which saves time and money. Find out if yours is included.
          Attack Solder Defects
          During the soldering process, it is extremely common to get defects due to the temperature and cleanliness of bonding surface. This article explains the descriptions of 10 types of solder defects and its remedy, take a look.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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