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          Newsletter 2019

          February 18, 2019

          Subject :

          Replace Labelling with Laser Marker

          Using Laser Marker Instead of Labelling
          This textbook explains the advantages of marking or engraving products with laser marker. In the long run, it will help to save costs as well as ensuring the quality and durability of the marks.
          Try Out 2D Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection
          People have good reasons for choosing KEYENCE's 2D measurement systems for inline inspections. Use this guide to learn more about them, which can help you to improve the automation of your production lines. Give it a try today!
          200 Million Measurements for This Contact Sensor
          This contact sensor was developed with the pursuit of durability. Capable of over 200 million uses and resistant to the effects of oil and dust, it has an enclosure rating of IP67G. Do your sensors malfunction all the time? Why not replace them with this one?
          "Tool Adjustment Navigation" Function Added in Vision System
          KEYENCE has developed a revolutionary interface that allows you to perform operations just by following the navigation.This leads to major improvements in the time and effort required to adjust vision systems!
          Spending Too Much Time on Measurement?
          KEYENCE's Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series can finish measurements of 99 locations in as little as 3 seconds. If you are spending too much time on dimension inspections, take a look at the IM Series catalog.
          Get Your Own Reliable Safety Light Curtain Today
          1. Highly durable and resistant to impacts in spite of its compact size
          2. High-powered and resistant to dirt, for use in harsh environments
          3. Easy optical-axis alignment with setup software and laser alignment tool
          KAIZEN Report: Code Reader for Food/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics Industry
          This collection of barcode reader applications offers hints for improving the efficiency of your worksite and reducing its labor requirements. Find out more.
          Solve all the Problems of Four Major Types of Microscopes Together
          The VHX is a 4 in 1 digital microscope. This guide is a must-see for anyone who uses the four types of microscopes listed below:
          ·Stereoscopic microscope
          ·Metallurgical microscope
          ·Electron microscope (SEM)
          ·Measuring microscope
          Simple Connection Guide for Touch Panel
          This guide introduces installation techniques for KEYENCE touch panel with vision system. Now you can use just one device as a monitor for displaying images, and as the HMI for operation.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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