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          Newsletter 2018

          December 03, 2018

          Subject :

          Use Measurement Tool Effectively - Worldwide Version

          Master Guide - Measurement Instrument Edition
          This guide presents some tips to make us utilize our measurement product effectively. For examples, system configuration, output methods, data recording etc. Take a look.
          Image Capturing Innovation
          Here's a proposal on how to solve common problems during inspection. Usually these problems stem from the surface condition of the target or the environment. For examples: glossy area, color too similar, or ambient lighting. Find out more about the proposed idea.
          How Changing to Laser Marker Saves Your Cost
          Laser marker is known for it's marking quality and speed. But other than that, investing in laser marker also helps to save cost drastically in the long run. Look at some past examples in this article.
          Comparison Between Interferometer & Laser Microscope
          This booklet compares a few points between the 2 instruments, from the perspective of the processing speed, observation quality, color observation, and 3D measurement. Find out more about how different or similar they are.
          Speed Up PLC Programming
          Now we can realise high-efficiency positioning and programming using "FLOW". It makes your programming simpler, easier and more flexible. Experience it with us today.
          Microscope Justification Guide
          As we approach 2019, we might need to come out with some ideas for budgeting soon. And at times it gets really hard to draft a justification document. We attach here one example for microscope justification, feel free to take a look.
          Little Reference Booklet for Sensor User
          This reference booklet compiles the basic sensor information for anyone who wants to learn more about sensors. It especially investigates based on 5 types of detection.
          Light Curtain Must-Have Features
          The worst fear is having a safety light curtain that is easily subjected to environment conditions such as oily or dusty. This would mean it is unable to provide full safety all the time. Find out what else is important when you select a light curtain.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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