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May 22, 2017

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3 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for

Traceability is no longer a request, but a demand from many customers today. Using identification markings to achieve traceability is the most common application now. Learn more about it.
Manufacturing Vision-Guided Robots
Robots investment is one of the biggest topics recently. To make manufacturing robots perform more accurately and faster, vision system is sometimes fixed on. Find out how this works in this short leaflet.
Internet of Things (IoT)
When internet and networks expand to places such as manufacturing or facilities, it allows data analysis and monitoring to be more controllable. Refer to some examples now.
Displacement Sensors Line Up
Have you tried reflective or thrubeam type measurement system? These non-contact methods have allowed multi-point measurement to be performed with ease. Browse the line up here.
New Full Spectrum Sensor
Just released not long ago, the LR-W series has already captured many hearts. The new improvements include Full-spectrum Detection, High Power White LED and Auto Tuning.
The 3-Seconds Measurement Legend
The IM Series surpassed the conventional dimension measurement equipment to attain results in just a few seconds. There's no need to manually note down the measurement value too, it's all automatically recorded!
Try Out the "One Click" Auto-measurement
Using a pre-made template, we are now able to perform a fast auto-measurement using a microscope. If you need to get measurement from your observation, please feel free to check this out.
All-Purpose Laser Sensor
Explore the all-purpose LR-T Series sensors which can provide constant stable detection in all applications. The laser sensor comes with below features:

·Superior detection capabilities
·Easy to use
·Unmatched versatility

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