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          Newsletter 2016

          November 28, 2016

          Subject :

          Good News: Customizable Vision System Is Now Available

          [New Product] Image Processing System That Reduces Takt Time
          Combining the fastest controller and camera in the industry, advanced inspections and high-speed processing can be easier than ever. Download the catalog to know about the newly introduced XG-X Series.
          A Vision Sensor the Size of Your Thumb
          A really tiny vision sensor, yet capable to support detection over a large area. The IV Series can be installed anywhere and has a maximum field of view of 412 mm x 550 mm. It can perform judgments on up to 16 points for items such as presence, color, shape, and size.
          The Hidden Benefits of Profilometers
          Profilometers are used in profile measurements and appearance inspections, popular for its speed and reliability. Let's find out the working principles and the unique characteristics behind these instruments.
          Built-in Camera in a Laser Marker
          Work that was conventionally performed with separate devices such as marking with character inspection, is now possible with a single laser marker. Saving the trouble to buy 2 devices, you can now use one to simplify the process.
          How to Speed Up Your PLC
          Through five different applications, this guide introduces you the methods for intuitive programming which can solve frustrating calculations and character string handling. Download this collection of techniques and speed up your PLC programming today!
          Sensor Training Guide: Digital Fiberoptic
          Look at the figure at the left, and imagine you are going to perform positioning using a thrubeam type sensor. Which position A, B and C will you choose? Why so?
          Latest Illumination Method for Dimension Measurement
          This guide explains about the latest illumination method that can help to decrease your measurement time tremendously. Try this especially if you are using calipers or profile projector currently.
          Code Reader General Catalog
          The finalized catalog for all the KEYENCE code readers is now available for read. Find out which type of code readers and functions are more suitable to implement in this guide.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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