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Newsletter 2016

September 12, 2016

Subject :

This is All Too Much to Handle

In Just 3 Seconds!
It is unnecessary to move your XY stage during measurement in order to get the results for a few different points anymore. With that, you may cut down 90% of your usual operating time. Feel free to take a look.
No More Focus Adjustment
Now, you may view any area in focus in less than 1 second with a press of a button. Save the trouble of adjusting the position or stage to get it focus. Let's do it fast!
Providing the Global Safety Standards
Complies with the worldwide safety standards, this safety curtain ensures full-length protection and eliminates the need for additional guarding. Do all the hitting, kicking or dropping you want on this curtain, it will still survive.
Unmoved by the Environment
The MD-X Series laser marker has a special sealing method that allows the internal components to be unaffected by dirt, dust or water droplets. Extra strong and stable, your operation can be at ease as well.
It Has Shrunk!
To squeeze into a narrow aisle for inspection or to save space, try out this tiny vision sensor. The Field of View is also adjusted to fit bigger view even at close range.
Read Small Codes
Want to see small codes at a distance of 1000mm? The automatic tuning sets an optimum exposure time and filters to get the codes reading done effortlessly.
Amazing Camera Functions
21 Megapixel camera offers one of the clearest and accurate inspection for you. The integration of camera, lighting and inspection algorithm known as LumiTrax is a method you must try it out.

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