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Newsletter 2016

August 22, 2016

Subject :

How About a World of Tiny Device?

It's Just the Size of Your Thumb
This vision sensor can be installed in spaces too small for usual sensors. And it's equipped with a wide variety of inspection tools including shape detection, color judgment, outer diameter, inner diameter, width, and pin pitch.
Explain Laser in Your Own Words
As we know, laser terminology can be fun yet difficult to understand. What exactly is a side pumping or a giant pulse?
Get this phrasebook now and learn them all!
Get a Perfect 2D Code
QR codes are classified into Model 1, Model 2 and Micro QR, and each of them has different features and usage. Get a more thorough explanation in this complete version of guide on 2D codes.
Image Capturing Know-How
Want to know how to use a microscope to

·capture clear images of the target location
·reduce problems from glaring
·obtain composite images with no blurring

This guide will teach you these and other practical image capture techniques.
The World of Image Processing Systems
This guide introduces the advantages of introducing image processing systems in a variety of industries. Feel free to take a look.

·Metal automotive parts
·Electrical, electronics, and semiconductors
·Medical care, medicine, and food
·Containers and daily necessities
Durable, Simple, Reliable
Easy set-up, stable detection, and a long life sets the LR-Z apart from every sensor in its class.
One Button, Problems Solved
The IM Series Dimension Measurement System is famous for the "button". One press on the button, you may be able to reduce 2000 labor hours in a year. See the real life case studies in this document.
The Commitment to In-line Measurement
In order to perform the best in-line measurement, we cannot forgo precision and speed. With the newly developed 2D Optical Micrometer, achieve both of these in the simplest manner.

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