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          Newsletter 2016

          July 19, 2016

          Subject :

          The Fierce Competition Between Contact & Non-Contact

          Contact VS Non-Contact Sensors, Why Do I Need To Choose?
          Because you might get a sensor now for a cheaper price, but incur higher maintenance cost after installation. Or maybe obtain measurement stability but only temporarily. To ensure you get the best one, feel free to refer to this compilation of the differences between contact & non-contact sensors.
          That's What Makes It Strong
          A body with robust SUS316L stainless steel, the LR-Z Series resists strong impact and is highly resistant to oil and acid. Basically, it can be described as indestructible.
          All About Static Elimination
          In the electronic component and precision equipment industries, one of the top problems faced is static. And most of the times, many of us don't notice the seriousness of it. Take a look at these real life examples, and see how you can get rid of these troubles.
          Master Lasers In 10 Minutes
          What are lasers? This guide can be used to learn about laser basics such as oscillation principles, differences between oscillation methods, and the characteristics of different wavelengths.
          Do You Think It Is Easy To Read This Code?
          Maybe yes. But quite often, problems come from even the seemingly perfect codes like the one in the picture.
          This guide book explains the 2D code basic international verification standards that we are advised to abide to prevent readability problems.
          10 Points When Considering a Microscope
          This guide introduces the advantages of digital microscopes that are not possible with conventional microscopes. It presents detailed points for consideration that clearly express how different digital microscopes are from conventional microscopes. Cross-check with these 10 points before buying!
          It Has A Magical Button
          Our Image Dimension Measurement System has a magical button. Press it and get your dimension measurement results in just 3 seconds. What's more, you can measure a few items at the same time!
          Have You Struggled with Lighting?
          Solve your problems in a flash with a single light! Create images in situations that used to be impossible, such as

          ·The target isn't clear because it's the same color as the background
          ·Inspections are unstable because of glossiness

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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