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          Newsletter 2016

          July 04, 2016

          Subject :

          Simple Tricks To Make Detections Stable & Swift

          Inline Image Capturing Techniques
          This guide contains a collection of tips from experts that may help to stabilize your detections.
          ·Blur countermeasures
          ·Strobe lighting
          ·Increasing depth-of-field
          Versatile Color Sensors
          Differentiate between any colors with our reliable color-matching based detection. See some industrial examples in this article.
          Micrometers That Will Last
          Spend money on something that will last.
          The arrival of this micrometers introduces high-speed, high-precision as well as low maintenance and durability.
          Thumbs Up! That's The Size Of This Sensor
          This vision sensor supports a variety of applications, including part presence, color judgments, shape judgments, measurement, and more. Designed to be ultra-compact, it aims to support applications even at narrow space.
          Unique Laser Marker Functions for Higher Productivity
          Our laser marker communication functions have gotten even better! If you are looking to save time and effort and improve efficiency, then this guide is for you. Learn about entering strings in multiple marking blocks with a single click and implementing control without ladder programming.
          Position & Motion Made Easy!
          Our New KV-Motion Series is absurd. You can improve takt time, accuracy and get synchronous control up to 112 axes with just a single unit!
          So We Can Get Traceability That Easily?
          Yes indeed. It is that easy and many companies have already started implementing it. Take a look at some examples from automotive, food, medical and cosmetics industries.
          30 Examples of Microscope Observation
          Can we use microscope to measure large parts? This document contains examples of magnified observations taken from the automotive industry. The examples are ranging from microscopic electronics parts to large metal parts. See this guide and get more insights to improve your current observation quality.
          Full Guide on Cutting, Pressing & Resin Molding
          Understand the process, basic steps and precautions we have to take note when we are doing cutting, pressing and resin molding. Not only that, get super accurate measurement of these parts easily using our Image Dimension Measurement System.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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