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Newsletter 2016

May 30, 2016

Subject :

Wonders From a Built-in Camera

[NEW] Special Functions of a Laser Marker
Recently introduced, this article shows you how special can a laser marker be just from this built-in camera. Camera indeed does wonders.
The Blue Blue Laser
Compared to the conventional red laser, the blue laser beam is sharper which allows excellent profile measurement. How does it work? Find out the interesting technology in this document.
8 Differences You Can Feel
Complex targets cannot escape the eyes of this laser sensor. Check out what it can do, or book a free demo from us anytime!
Q.C.D Improvement
Get Quality, Cost and Delivery improvement for your observation, testing or analysis. We have carefully compiled proven examples from automotive, pharmaceutical and electrical industry. We hope they are useful, feel free to take a look.
Wide Screen For Best Viewing
Optimised graphics for all kind of environment, this touch screen is a slick piece of device for easy usage. Additional "speech function" makes it even more desirable.
The Conventional VS The Innovative
Experience what "Ring Illumination" can benefit you in terms of effort, time and trouble, especially if you are in the pressed parts or injection moudling industry.
The Danger of Static Electricity
You might not feel it or see it, but the danger of static electricity cannot be underestimated. Read out more on the causes and measures to prevent it.
Vision System Top 10 Techniques
Besides using transmitted illumination to improve measurement accuracy and camera split function for higher speed, there are 8 other methods to make your vision system a brilliant one.
Sensor Basic Guide Book
Detection can be based on "light", "contact", "images", "untrasonic" and "eddy current" as well. What can the major sensor types for each detection and why so?
<Simulation> Instant Dimension Measurement System
Try out a simulation with our IM Series with different parts. Two types of measurement are available: Backlit and Ring Light.
Drop us any reply if you want a real life demostration for free.

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