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Newsletter 2016

March 14, 2016

Subject :

Find out the 8 different ways to make your workplace more interesting

Save 1960 Hours A Year
Imagine what you can do with the extra
8 hours a day. Find out how you can save time from this Instant Dimension Measurement System that can shock you with its amazing measuring speed!
Grade Your Codes with ABC
Will it be easy to have a code reader that can provide instant judgement of the quality of your codes? It will instantly grade A or B to your codes too!
PC As Your Touch Panel?
You are able to get the same functions of a touch panel on your PC now with this new PC software. Bonus point: this comes with no extra design costs!
Easy, Easier, Easiest
Easy Organization, Easier Observation and the Easiest Operation. Read some of the customers' impressions after switching to a digital microscope.
Too Many Choices to Choose From?
Decision-making is tough. This document summarised the different types of measuring equipment into a chart for easier comparison and selection.
Get Your Profits Up in 5 Steps
Maintaining productity is hard, not to mention increasing it. However, we can certainly take advantage of a vision system to achieve this.
Get 3S With This Safety Curtain
Armour youself and your fellow colleagues with this Strong, Simple & Smart Light Curtain. No Harm trying it!

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