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Newsletter 2014

August 25, 2014

Subject :

Learn the Best Measurement Methods!

Learning the Mechanisms of Static Electricity Generation and Mastering the Elimination of Static Electricity
This popular document can be used to learn about a variety of topics such as the principles and characteristics of static electricity, the mechanism of charging, measuring methods, and countermeasures in a short time.
Learn about "thickness and width" as well as "position control" with a textbook that teaches you about measurement
We have prepared materials that allow you to learn the best measurement methods as well as measurement principles for different measurement targets.
Detect Colors With Confidence!
By combining a red, green, and blue light source with detection based on the ratio of color returned, the CZ-V Series is able to stably and accurately detect up to eight different colors!
Eight Ideas for Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of Dimension Measurements
This document can be used to learn, with diagrams, about measurements that are difficult and have high inspection accuracy. The actual measurement examples listed include contour accuracy and connector pin spacing measurements.
Introducing the Manual Auto-Generator Function
Create a complete instruction manual specific to your application in just minutes.
Easily Perform Positioning and Motion Control to Get an Edge on the Competition
Introducing advantages of our positioning motion units such as improved takt time for devices, reduced wiring, and reduced usage of ladder programs
Suggestions for New Ways to Use the "4-in-1 Digital Microscope" and Lenses
This document suggests ways to perform four typical types of optical microscope observations with a single digital microscope.

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